Black Walnut Heirloom Rocker

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Ron Foley uses the Sam Maloof design for his rockers. One of Sam Maloof's rocking chairs, donated to the Smithsonian American Art Museum in 1997, displays the ideal balance of beauty and utility. “Art in the service of utility” is the essence of Maloof’s philosophy of design. If the chair is already that most “human” of furnishings, one that exists precisely because it reproduces the form of the seated person, the rocking chair has it more so, the grace of rhythm, and a repetitive melody. Hypnotic, it links the human with magic. No wonder rocking chairs have been the favorite setting for the feeding and lulling of babies, and for watching afternoons pass. There’s something quite literally charming in the maritime movement of that particular piece of furniture. Designs by Sam Maloof, when they appeared in the late 1940s, were quickly commissioned because their shape simply emanated beauty.
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