Bowl Cozy

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Bowl Cozy

Bowls B’Safe: our version of the Microwave Bowl Cozy.

Instructions for your Bowls B’Safe: For Microwave use with a turntable or for cold foods such as ice cream.

Cleaning Instructions: The bowl cozy is 100% Cotton. Machine wash - delicate in cold water and hang to dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener to ensure maximum absorption.

Heating bowls in the Microwave: No more burns when removing your bowl from the microwave! Place your bowl of food in the Cozy and place in the microwave to reheat for 2 minutes at a time, not to exceed a total of 8 minutes. Please do not leave microwave unattended.

Serve Hot Bowls at the table: Dress up your table by using the cozies to serve hot bowls of food. The bowl cozy protects your table while providing a way to pass hot bowls of food without burning your hands.

Eat Cold Foods without freezing your hands: Put that ice cream bowl in the cozy and enjoy a cold bowl of ice cream without freezing your hands.

Other popular names for our Bowls B’Safe: Bowl Cozy, Microwave Cozy, Hot Bowl Holder, Microwave Bowl Cozy, Hot Bowl Pads, Bowl Holder, Table Protector, Microwave Hot Pad Please use this cozy as instructed.

Never leave your cozy unattended while using the cozy to cook. Cozy must be able to rotate safely or it may get stuck against the side of your microwave and scorch or even burn the fabric. Our instructions do not imply the safety of our cozies, as we cannot test with every microwave. In other words use the cozy at your own risk. 

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